Both NJ Drivers in Two Car Crash Charged with OUI.

Earlier this month, the Parsippany, New Jersey police department responded to the scene of a serious two car accident. Upon arriving at the scene, police found Walter Laufenberg, aged fifty two years-old, and Ahmed Shoeira, twenty five years-old, driving each of the cars in the accident.

The accident was so violent that Shoeira was trapped in his car, and needed the Jaws of Life to extricate him. Initial investigations reveal that Laufenberg was traveling north on Littleton Road when his vehicle crossed the double yellow line and crashed into the front driver’s side of Shoeira’s vehicle, which was traveling south on Littleton. Shoeira was taken to the hospital to treat his minor injuries, and it was there that he was arrested and charged with drunk driving by New Jersey police. Laufenberg was arrested and charged with OUI and assault by auto at the scene of the car crash. He did not have any reported injuries. The investigation is ongoing pending further criminal proceedings.

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