Drunk Driver Hits Several Bicyclists, Killing One In Maine.

David P. LaBonte has been charged with manslaughter and aggravated operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence for drunkenly driving into a family of three who were biking on a sidewalk on Route 1 in Biddeford, Maine.

LaBonte rammed into the bicycle of 52 year-old Jamerico Elliott’s, who was riding with his 15 month-old son in the back bike seat. The child’s mother, Melodie Brennan, was biking next to them and was also hit by LaBonte’s car. Elliott was pronounced dead two days later at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

According to the York County District Attorney’s Office, LaBonte was given two blood alcohol tests after the crash. The first test revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.17%, more than twice the legal limit. Several hours later, another test was taken and showed a blood alcohol level of 0.15%. Main’s legal limit is .08%.

Accident reports state that LaBonte’s truck was moving at roughly 35 miles per hour when he struck the family. The court affidavit provided a witness’s statement that LaBonte, “never took any evasive action, applied the brakes, turned or signaled in any way.” Another witness added that LaBonte looked as if he had fallen asleep at the wheel because his head was down.

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