Drunk Driver in Scotland Claims His Dog Was The One Driving the Motor Vehicle.

A grocery store employee called police after 63 year-old Ronald Gell, of Alness, Scotland, left the grocery store in an apparently drunk condition. Gell clipped the curb with his car as he rode away. When confronted by police later at his home, Gell claimed that his dog was the one driving his car.

In the last three years, Gell has been cited on nineteen separate occasions for criminal offenses involving drinking and driving. A retiree, Gell had gone the first 60 years of his life without any other encounters with law enforcement agencies.

In the most recent offense, local law enforcement authorities received a call from a grocery store employee who said that Gell threw a bottle of rum into his basket. He was acting visibly drunk, and then proceeded to leave the store and get behind the wheel of his car.

Police arrived at Gell’s home where he was unpacking groceries. The police inquired about his earlier behavior. In only a statement an inebriated man would make, Gell claimed that his dog was the one driving the car.

Unamused, the police arrested Gell, who proceeded to resist arrest and refuse a breathalyzer test.

Gell received a five-month jail sentence for drunk driving and an additional five months for his assault on the police officers at the time of his arrest.

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