Georgia School Bus Driver Charged With DUI While Driving With 31 Kids On Board Her Bus.

Driving under the influence of anything is reckless and can endanger the lives of everyone around you. Although driving under the influence is always reckless, it becomes increasingly so when your job is a bus driver and you are driving around with teenage students. Victims of an accident caused by a drunk driver should rely on an experienced personal injury attorney here at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to help guide them through the complicated litigation process inherent in personal injury cases. Our expert drunk driving injury lawyers have decades of experience in recovering maximum damages for our clients.

A Georgia school bus driver was charged with DUI this past Monday after police responded to reports of a bus packed with school children driving recklessly on the road. Catherine Etheridge, 49, was pulled over by police at Loganville Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia and removed from the bus. A substitute driver finished the route that was carrying 31 students. The removed driver was found with alcohol and prescription pills in her purse.

Ms. Etheridge had no prior history of DUIs. She was fired from her previous job with the Gwinnett School System due to “unsatisfactory performance,” one month before driving for the Walton School System. The 16 students on board the bus were all under the age of 14. Ms. Etheridge has since been fired. She has posted her $25,762 bail and has been released from jail.

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