Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson Killed After Being Struck By Car Driven By Drunk Driver.

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Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed early Super Bowl Sunday morning after being hit by a suspected drunk driver along the side of Interstate 70 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Jackson and another person, Jeffery Monroe of Avon, were stopped along the side of I-70 when Mr. Monroe, who was believed to be a ride-sharing operator driving Mr. Jackson, got out of the car to help Mr. Jackson, who was sick. The driver of a Ford F-150 drove onto the emergency shoulder and hit the rear of the car, striking both Mr. Jackson and Mr. Monroe, with one of the bodies landing in the center lane of I-70.

State Trooper, Ty Mays, who was in the area, reported to the scene after seeing the accident on the side of the road. In the process of slowing down, he hit the body of the victim who was in the center lane. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene by the Marion County Coroner’s Office. Alex Cabrera Gonsales, 37, of Indianapolis, Indiana was arrested after trying to flee the scene on foot. Mr. Gonsales was driving without a license and was believed to be intoxicated.

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