Lolo Bar That Served Montana Driver Before Crash Sued.

After convicting Brian Holm of vehicular homicide for killing 21 year-old Brian Beaver in Missoula, Montana in a tragic car accident, the victim’s family has decided to sue to the bar that sold Holm the alcohol.

The attorney for the victim’s estate argues that the bar served Holm alcohol despite the fact that he appeared visibly intoxicated. In addition, the bar allegedly gave Holm a cup of alcohol to take with him as he left the bar. Shortly after Holm left the bar, he drove his car onto the sidewalk where Beaver was walking and killed him.

The bar denies any wrongdoing, and cites video surveillance to demonstrate Holm’s sobriety when he left the bar. Additionally, they allege that the cup of alcohol was meant for Holm’s wife who was outside smoking.

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