Massachusetts Insurance Company Tactics.

Massachusetts insurance companies often create difficult obstacles in the aftermath of your Massachusetts personal injury accident and your claim for personal injury damages.

The insurance companies, and the Massachusetts adjusters assigned to your case, often send out multiple letters and place frequent phone calls asking you to give a statement about your injuries or sign a release to settle your claim. In many cases, they bombard you with numerous phone calls and letters in the hope that you will give into the mounting stress and settle your claim for a small dollar amount. Though it may seem like the best way to end the onslaught from the insurance companies, it would be a huge mistake to deal with these companies by yourself and accept their low-ball offers, as you are likely entitled to significantly more money damages than they will offer for your personal injuries.

Massachusetts insurance companies are more concerned about their bottom line, than with serving your individual interests. In order to turn a higher profit, these companies attempt to quickly resolve your claim by offering you a small amount of money. Often, their offers are well below the full and fair value of compensation that you deserve for your injuries. These companies may even make excuses as to why you cannot receive compensation at all.

For instance, insurance companies may say that you are entitled to reduced compensation because you have a pre-existing condition that explains your injuries. They will hunt for any evidence that even remotely justifies their low-ball offer. In the case of soft-tissue injuries, most commonly injuries to the neck, shoulders and back suffered in a Massachusetts drunk driving accident, Massachusetts insurance companies try to discount your damages. They may argue that your legitimate injuries are merely psychological and not scientifically provable.

Insurance companies may also refuse to pay for alternative or experimental therapies that Massachusetts personal injury accident victims seek out to relieve their pain. It is also common for insurance companies to attempt to pass off the responsibility for compensating you for your injuries to other potentially liable parties. Moreover, Massachusetts insurance companies take a significant amount of time to determine liability under the facts of your case, which may require you to give a statement. In the meantime, your medical expenses are mounting, and you may quickly run out of funds to pay them.

Even though the stress and confusion may be a significant burden on you in the aftermath of your personal injury accident, you should absolutely speak with an expert Massachusetts attorney before you make any statements or talk to any insurance company, including your own insurance company. Our expert Boston, MA personal injury lawyers will handle all correspondence with your Massachusetts insurance company and will negotiate with them to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. With the help of a skilled and experienced legal professional, insurance companies will take your claim more seriously and will agree to a higher settlement.

Without a reputable Boston personal injury lawyer to represent you, you may fall victim to the Massachusetts insurances companies and their tactics, which are designed to get you to settle your case for only a fraction of what it is worth. Unrepresented individuals also may make damaging statements that hurt the value or merits of their claim. They may then sign a release or negotiate a settlement, relinquishing their rights and leaving them inadequately compensated for their personal injuries.

A Boston, MA lawyer professional would be an immense help in pursuing your claim. Our expert Massachusetts attorneys will thoroughly investigate your claim, gather all the relevant medical bills, and review all witness statements from your accident. Most importantly, hiring a lawyer sends a signal to the Massachusetts insurance companies that you mean business, and that they should take you very seriously. Our expert Boston, Massachusetts personal injury attorneys will make sure that your rights are always protected and that your interests are well served.

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