Massachusetts State Trooper Injured When Lynn, MA Man Is Pulled Over And Attempts To Flee.

Massachusetts Drunk Driving Personal Injury LawyerBryan Erickson, a Massachusetts State Trooper, was recently injured after he was hit by a car in Lynn, MA while jumping out of the way of another motor vehicle. According to local authorities, Erickson had pulled over 25 year-old Nestor Mendez of Lynn and was approaching Mendez’s vehicle when he began to drive towards the officer. Erickson was then hit by the car when he jumped to get out of the way. Another police officer arrested Mendez approximately 200 yards down the road.

Erickson was taken to the North Shore Medical Center Salem Hospital emergency room where he was treated for non-serious shoulder and back injuries. Mendez was charged with drunk driving, assault and battery on a police officer, leaving the scene of a personal injury crash, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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