Natick, MA Drunk Driver Flees the Scene of His Car Accident.

Massachusetts Drunk Driving Personal Injury LawyerA witness said he was driving on North Main Street in Framingham, MA when he saw a Mazda illegally pass several cars, causing several of the cars to go off the road.  When the man swerved back into his own lane, he crashed into the rear of a Toyota Corolla.  The driver of the Toyota had to be taken to the hospital from suffering facial injuries when her face hit either the steering wheel or the windshield.  The Mazda then backed away from the car accident and sped off, but the witness then followed the car and notified the police of its location.

Police later located and arrested the alleged drunk driver in his driveway.  The driver, 26 year-old Brian Nicholas Lucenta, admitted to running from the car accident and said he was scared and “screwed up.”  The arresting police officer could smell alcohol coming from Lucenta’s breath, who admitted to having three or four beers. The breathalyzer test indicated that Lucenta had a .12 blood alcohol level, and the legal limit is .08.  This was his second charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor.  He was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury and driving to endanger.  Lucenta has plead not guilty.

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