Oklahoma Family Sues Liquor Store After Underage Son Dies in Drunk Driving Accident.

A high school prom is a memorable event in nearly every person’s life, replete with happiness and young love.  For some, however, it is nothing but an opportunity for petty drama and heartbreak.

On the day of their prom, girls get their makeup and hair done, while their high school sweethearts get together to discuss the upcoming event.  Soon, hundreds of teenagers are dressed in formal garb, eager to dance and laugh and enjoy high school’s most luxurious event.  Limousines carry the participants from one place to another, pictures are taken, and young hearts swell with affection.  Some of the relationships, believe it or not, may be destined to last forever.

When the music finally stops, the crowd of teenagers is far from finished celebrating.  Many prom nights end in raucous parties.  Underage drinking, while not a surprising result in itself, often leads to bad decision making by young people.  Drunk driving, for instance, can take a flawless night like prom-night and completely turn it upside down.  Each year in America, hundreds of young people are killed in drunk driving accidents Clearly, this is a significant problem. In order to solve it, one must first look at how young people are gaining access to alcohol.

On April 20, 2012, 17-year-old Colton Kerns was helping set up his high school gymnasium for his senior prom.  That afternoon, Kerns was caught drinking alcohol at school.  School officials told him he would not be allowed to attend the prom, and he was promptly driven home by a student.  Shortly thereafter, Kerns decided that he would go to his prom anyway.  He got into his truck and drove off.

Sadly, Kerns was too drunk to drive safely.  He rolled his pickup and hit a tree.  Police later revealed that his BAC was 0.13.

According to the Daily Journal, Kerns had purchased liquor from the Woodshed Liquor Store, which had sold to him several times without asking him for identification.  After filing a lawsuit against the liquor store, the Kerns family received a wrongful death settlement for $1.5 million.

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