Police Arrest Man For Drunk Driving And Resisting Arrest In Marlborough, Massachusetts.

A resident of Marlborough, Massachusetts called the local police after a man who drove a van into a wall swore at him and threatened to slit his throat. The police eventually found the offender, 26 year-old Diego Martins Demorais in the home of his girlfriend at Briarwood Lane in Marlborough, where they arrested him.

At approximately 6 p.m., this past Sunday, April 13, 2014, a neighbor witnessed how Demorais drove a white van into a stone wall in the parking lot of the local apartment complex on Briarwood Lane. Demorais then exited the vehicle and punched a side window of the van. The neighbor inquired whether Demorais needed some help. In return, Demorais cursed out the neighbor and threatened to slit his throat.

The neighbor called the police who found Demorais inside his girlfriend’s apartment. As the police officers confronted Demorais about the incident outside, Demorais squared off with the officers and exchanged blows. After the officers were able to pin Demorais down, he started using Jiu Jitsu escape tactics to escape the pin. The officer then punched Demorais in the face several times before he stopped fighting back.

Demorais was arraigned on drunk driving, resisting arrest, assault and battery and drug possession charges. Xanax was found in his car. Demorais also had an outstanding arrest and was out on bail for drunk driving at the time of his latest arrest.

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