School District Lawyer Lied to Judge, Says Attorney for Massachusetts Schoolgirl.

Erin Cox, a 17 year-old senior and captain of the North Andover High School volleyball team, was suspended for five games, and demoted from being captain, for allegedly coming to the rescue of a friend at a high school party.

On September 28, 2013, Cox received a text from her friend who was drunk and stuck at a high school party. Moments after Cox arrived at the scene of the party, local police entered the premises, arrested a few people, and issued summonses for underage possession of alcohol to everyone else, including Cox.

Cox and her parents hired an attorney to fight the charge and the school, which had suspended Cox from the volleyball team. The state court ruled that it had no jurisdiction in the dispute between the school and Cox. Cox’s lawyer is now accusing the school district’s attorney of boldly lying to the judge, by stating that Cox was arrested at the party.

The North Andover police have backed Cox’s version of the story, after conducting an investigation, and dropped the underage possession charge against Cox. The police officer on the scene gave a statement saying that Cox did not have alcohol in her hands and had no odor of alcohol on her person.

Cox’s attorney is blasting the school district for its irrational zero-tolerance policies and the school district lawyer for allegedly lying to the judge. The case is set to enter the federal court system, as the Cox family is intent on continuing the fight to clear Erin’s name.

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