Spencer, Massachusetts Police Seek Criminal Complaint Against Alleged Drunk Driver.

Under pressure from the family of a motorcyclist killed by an alleged drunk driver, Spencer, Massachusetts Police have filed an application for a criminal complaint against alleged drunk driver Marc Pillsbury, of North Grafton, Massachusetts.

On August 3, 2013, Marc Pillsbury struck a motorcycle with his sport utility vehicle. The operator of the motorcycle, 58 year-old Thomas Mansfield, Jr., died from the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident. A passenger on the motorcycle, Mansfield’s wife, barely survived the motorcycle accident.

The siblings of Mansfield have issued a public outcry over the fact that Pillsbury has not been arrested or prosecuted following the wrongful death accident. Spencer Police have evidence that Pillsbury was driving drunk on the night of the fatal motorcycle accident. Mansfield’s two sisters are demanding that the prosecutors and the police of Spencer have Pillsbury arrested and prosecuted for killing their brother.

Mansfield’s wife is continuing her recovery following the tragic accident and she is expected to recover in time to attend her husband’s funeral next week.

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