Alleged Drunk Driver Charged With Killing Duke University Student.

This past Friday, March 14, 2014, 25 year-old Martin Zachary Hale, of Jemison, Alabama, struck a van filled with Duke University students on Interstate 10 in Florida. The car accident resulted in the death of Duke University student, Rebecca DeNardis.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Hale was driving eastbound on Interstate 10 when he suddenly turned to the side, drove across a grassy median and struck a van heading in the opposite direction flipping both motor vehicles as a result. The van had seven occupants, six of which were students of Duke University. The students were coming back from a canoeing trip held during the week of spring break.

Emergency medical responders pronounced DeNardis dead at the scene of the motor vehicle accident. Another student, whose identity has not been released so far, was airlifted to a hospital where the student remains in serious condition. The rest of the occupants of the van and Hale were treated for less serious personal injuries.

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested Hale for driving under the influence and criminally charged him with several counts related to the drunk driving accident, including DUI manslaughter. The police are continuing their investigation of this tragic drunk driving accident.

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