Fourth Child From San Antonio, TX Drunk Driver Car Crash Dies.

A tragic car accident last Monday left four dead, including a mother and her three children. Another child was left on life support from the personal injuries suffered. That child, eight year-old Abram Demers, has now died.

Police report that thirty five year-old Larry Demers was driving his Honda Civic with his wife and four children. Larry had been drinking and was severely intoxicated as he drove along Medina Base Road past a construction site. A lone bulldozer was parked on the side of the road near the construction site. Larry slammed his Civic into the back of the bulldozer, instantly killing his wife, thirty one year-old Roxanna Demers, along with three of her children – Ezra, Jeshua, and Silas Demers, aged 1, 4 and 9, respectively. A fourth child, Abram, was immediately taken to the hospital and was fighting for his life for four days before finally being taken off life support.

Police are still investigating the exact cause of the auto crash, although drunk driving is suspected to be the main cause. Larry, who suffered only minor injuries in the auto crash, is in jail. He is being charged with multiple counts of manslaughter caused by drunk driving, a probation violation, and could be facing felony murder charges. The investigation is ongoing.

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