Illinois Woman Receives $410,000 After Drunk Boater Crashes Into Her Pontoon.

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An Illinois woman has received $410,000 in personal injury damages so far after a boat crash caused her severe injuries. She brought her lawsuit against three parties, and has settled with two of the defendants so far.

38-year-old Dena Renzulli was on a pontoon boat with her husband, twin two-year-old boys and two family friends. At that time, they were hit by another motorboat.

The family was traveling in a “no wake” zone on Fox Lake in Illinois near a local restaurant when two boats accelerated out of the restaurant’s docks. One boat, driven by Brian Yost, accelerated so fast that it went across the top of the pontoon boat, hitting Mrs. Renzulli and knocking her out of the boat.

She sustained a severe laceration across her face, which extended from her mouth to her ear, and nearly cut her ear in two. Upon being thrown from the boat, Mrs. Renzulli broke her leg and sustained injuries to her ribs and pelvis. She was rescued by the Lake Country Marine Unit and was rushed to a local hospital emergency room. Luckily, no one else on either boat was injured.

The driver, 38-year-old Mr. Yost, was cited for operating the boat under the influence of alcohol.

Mrs. Renzulli and her family filed a lawsuit against the driver of the boat, the owner of the boat, and the restaurant where Mr. Yost had been just before the collision.

The $410,000 comes from a settlement with Mr. Yost and the owner of the boat he was driving. The lawsuit against the restaurant is still pending.

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