Indiana Police Officer Injures Two People in DUI Car Accident Thirteen Years After Vehicular Manslaughter Case.

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The phrase “honor the shield” is a common saying.  It makes reference to a police badge in very specific circumstances that involve members of law enforcement abiding by the law.  Although this may seem like a circular analysis, the grim truth is that not all police officers are on the “straight and narrow.”  Some, to be frank, consider themselves above reproach.  Though they represent a very small percentage of the law enforcement population, they often give the profession a bad name.  Rather than serving and protecting, these rogue officers break the law without regard for the safety of others.

46-year-old David Britton has been a police officer in the town of Cedar Lake, Indiana for more than 15 years.  Until very recently, he held the prestigious title of commander of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department Gang Intelligence Unit.  That title, however, is soon to be revoked.  In light of Britton’s recent DUI car accident, he will likely face the end of his law enforcement career.

Back in October of 2002, Britton was driving his police cruiser on a Cedar Lake street when he suddenly struck and killed 75-year-old Marga Gniffke.  Eyewitnesses to the crash stated that Britton had been traveling well above the speed limit before he struck Mrs. Gniffke.  A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the Gniffke family against the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  The County settled the case in 2006 for $750,000.  The Gniffke family was represented by Attorney John Dull.

Sadly, the black mark on Officer Britton’s record was not enough to teach him a lesson.  Just recently, he was cited for a DUI after hitting two cars while driving off-duty.  According to the accident report, Britton was traveling southbound on Main Street in Crown Point, Indiana at a high rate of speed when he attempted to pass the car in front of him. As he passed the car, he struck the left rear of the vehicle. After striking the vehicle, he then hit the front left side of a northbound vehicle sitting at a facing light.  He then pulled his truck to the side of the road for a brief moment, and then fled the scene.  Crown Point police followed him and apprehended him.  They measured his blood alcohol content at 0.24, more than three times the legal limit.  He has been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, operating with a breath content of at least .15 grams, and failure of duty accident resulting in injuries.

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