Man Who Drove Truck Off Zakim Bridge Admits to Drinking Moments Before Crash.

Surveillance video tapes show a pickup truck driving into a snowbank, on the Zakim Bridge in Boston, MA, and then flying up and over the upper level of the bridge last Saturday night. The driver of that truck has been identified as Vannak Sao.  Sao’s truck can be seen soaring off the bridge at an off-ramp, crashing engine-first onto the street below.

Fortunately, no other vehicle or pedestrian was on the lower street at the time of the truck crash, and Sao did not sustain life-threatening injuries. Sao was not unharmed, however; he fractured his nose and required stitches above his right eye. He is fortunate to be alive given the severity of the motor vehicle accident.

Sao stated that he did not remember much of the accident, or the moments immediately leading up to it, but admitted that he had been drinking at a friend’s house immediately before attempting to drive home.

While no one else was harmed, and Sao himself managed to walk away from the accident, drunk drivers pose a serious threat of harm to others when they decide to get on the road. Each and every time someone operates a motor vehicle, they are expected and required by law to operate their vehicle with a duty of care to other drivers and pedestrians. Drunk driving will not only get you arrested, but also breaches that duty of care, holding you liable for any and all injuries caused by your misconduct

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