Nevada Jury Awards DUI Victim’s Family $10 Million In Wrongful Death Case.

A Clark County, Nevada jury has awarded $10 million to a family still mourning the loss of their wife and mother, who was killed in a drunk driving accident in November of 2010. 28 year-old Shanna LePelusa was thrown from her friend’s vehicle after a night out celebrating a birthday.

The night Shanna died, she had been out celebrating a friend’s birthday with dinner and wine. Her friend, Summer Mackie, had decided to drive Shanna and another friend home. The trio had only traveled five miles from the restaurant before Mackie lost control of the motor vehicle and crashed down an embankment. Shanna was thrown from the vehicle, and suffered blunt force trauma to her chest which ultimately killed her.

Police arrested Mackie later that night for driving under the influence. She had a blood alcohol level of 0.2, more than twice over the legal limit. Mackie and other passenger were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries, where Mackie reportedly told a nurse, “I should not have drove.” She admitted to having four glasses of wine, and only a salad to eat, before getting behind the wheel. The jury found Mackie 75% responsible for the death, and awarded Shanna’s family $10 million in damages.

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