Report Demonstrates Startling Rise in Drunk-Driving Car Accidents in Oklahoma.

According to a recently released report by an Oklahoma organization, Oklahoma Watch, the state of Oklahoma has seen a startling rise in drunk-driving related car crashes. This rise in drunk driving car accidents contrasts sharply with the national average, which has seen a significant decline in such auto crashes.

The report compared the nationwide numbers for alcohol-related crashes, which fell over the past 20 years, to the rate of drunk driving accidents in Oklahoma. As to the latter, such crashes have seen a marked increase over the same period. In particular, the state saw a 10 percent increase in alcohol-related fatal car crashes over an 18 year period. When compared to other states, Oklahoma had the ninth highest rate of traffic wrongful deaths in 2011.

State officials are puzzled as to why Oklahoma data and national data appear to be going in the opposite direction. Both the Tulsa County Prosecutor’s Office, and the experts who conducted the study for Oklahoma Watch, say that Oklahoma has implemented the same laws as states that saw decreases in fatalities over the past 20 years. According to some state officials and experts, it appears that the source of the problem may not be the nature or enforcement of the laws on the books. Rather, the worrisome data may reflect the deeper social problem that the state’s population may have with the frequent use and abuse of alcohol.

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