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Our Massachusetts Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer Specialists Are Experts at Establishing Massachusetts Liquor Service Liability. When Over Serving of Alcohol by a Massachusetts Bar Results in Injury, Call Our Boston Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys at 617-787-3700.

Undoubtedly, a Massachusetts drunk driver will face Massachusetts criminal charges for making the reckless and thoughtless choice to drink and drive. The fact that the negligent Massachusetts driver will be criminally penalized for the crime often offers little help to the family struggling with the aftermath of a serious injury or fatality. This is because, more often than not, the Massachusetts drunk driver has little or no insurance coverage to fairly compensate the Massachusetts victim and his or her family for their losses.

When Over Serving of Alcohol by a Massachusetts Restaurant Has Caused Serious Injury, Call Our Massachusetts Drunk Driver injury Lawyer Experts at 617-787-3700. Our Boston, MA Drunk Driver Injury Lawyers Are Experts at Showing Massachusetts Liquor Service Bar Liability.

Because of the need for compensation to pay for the injuries and damages that often follow the negligent service of alcohol by a licensed Massachusetts bar or restaurant, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has recently taken a big step forward for victims’ rights in the area of dealing with the legalities of liquor liability. In 2010, the Governor of Massachusetts signed into law an amendment to the relevant Massachusetts law that governs the issuance of Massachusetts liquor licenses to Massachusetts restaurants and Massachusetts bars.

Prior to the enactment of this legislation, Massachusetts bars and Massachusetts restaurants were not required to carry any liquor liability insurance in Massachusetts. This meant that there would not always be insurance coverage for damages if someone in a Massachusetts bar or Massachusetts restaurant was negligently over-served alcohol, left the facility, and then caused injury in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident while intoxicated. If someone was injured by an intoxicated Massachusetts motor vehicle operator who was negligently served alcohol at a Massachusetts bar or a Massachusetts restaurant, there would be only a slim chance that they would be compensated. The injured victim would have to hope that either the Massachusetts drunk driver had a generous insurance policy or that the Massachusetts driver had been served at a Massachusetts facility that carried liquor liability insurance, both of which were uncommon.

If the bar or restaurant that negligently served the alcohol did not have Massachusetts liquor liability insurance, there was often no source of money to pay a Massachusetts liability judgment. In these instances, collecting on a Massachusetts judgment rendered in a victim’s favor was often impossible.

Liquor liability law in Massachusetts has now changed. Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 183, Section 12 has now been amended to require all Massachusetts bar and Massachusetts restaurant owners seeking a liquor license to first produce evidence of a valid liquor liability insurance policy. This policy must be taken out in minimum amounts of $250,000/$500,000 prior to the issuance of any Massachusetts liquor license. The “$250/$500” provision refers to the legislative mandate that the Massachusetts policy provide minimum liquor liability coverage amounts of $250,000.00 for Massachusetts bodily injury or death for one person, and a total amount of $500,000.00 for bodily injury or death per incident, namely the total amount available for more than one person injured within the same incident. This is a great improvement in Massachusetts law, and is a step forward towards enforcing legal responsibility for both negligent drinking and negligent serving.

Massachusetts social host liability law is now considered under the same rules and context of law as Massachusetts licensed liquor vendors. It continues to be the responsibility of the Massachusetts social hosts of social gatherings to make a good faith effort to prevent guests from driving drunk; failure to do so may result in liability for injuries.

While driving on the road in Massachusetts did not become instantly safer with the passage of this legislation, Massachusetts drunk driving accident victims are no longer left out in the cold. Because of this Massachusetts legislation, a victim of a Massachusetts drunk driver who was negligently over served alcohol by a Massachusetts bar, Massachusetts restaurant or Massachusetts social host will have access to liability insurance to pay for the damages that he or she rightfully deserves.

Every state in America, including Massachusetts, has a statute of limitations that specifies the amount of time that someone has to make a claim for personal injury damages or wrongful death damages arising out of Massachusetts personal injuries sustained because of a Massachusetts drunk driver. The statute of limitations in Massachusetts for personal injury claims and personal injury lawsuits specifies how much time you have to file a Massachusetts lawsuit or settle your Massachusetts personal injury claim for personal injury damages or wrongful death damages before it is forever time barred. In the event that you permit this time deadline to pass by, you will be unable to pursue your Massachusetts personal injuries case and will be unable to recover personal injury damages for any personal injuries associated with your Massachusetts personal injury accident claim. So please do not hesitate to call our Boston personal injury lawyer advocates today at 617-787-3700!

Our Massachusetts Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer Specialists Are Experts With Respect To Demonstrating Massachusetts Liquor Service Liability. Call Our Massachusetts Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer Advocates Today at 617-787-3700.
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